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Release notes for version 2.7.0

1. Connection

minor Fixed a bug where status was shown as ERROR instead of INVALID.

medium Fixed a bug where ledgers are not appearing in a particular case.

2. Download

minor Added a section to download the latest versions of the BR100 templates.

BR100 Templates.

3. Report / Copy / Rollout / Change Management

medium End of support for 21A, 21B and 21C.

4. Dashboard

minor Improved performance for the datatables.

5. General

minor Added a link to the "Edit" page from the "Details" page for Connection, Report, Copy, Rollout and RAPIDTest.

Link to edit page.

Release notes for version 2.6.2

1. Audit Logs

minor Added "Audit Logs" in the menu.

minor Added the Business Unit(s) name(s) in the Reports sheet.

2. Change Management

minor Fixed a case where servers from Oracle CI failed to be provionned.

minor Fixed a bug when the implementation project name contains a leading or trailing space preventing the job to be submitted.

3. Roles

medium A new scenario for HCM has been released called "Global Human Resources, Absences Management and Benefits". To enable it accross all apps that support it (Reports, Copy, Change Management) you must ask your security manager to activate it for your role. If you do not have a security manager within Rapid4Cloud Platform, please contact our support.

Permission for Global Human Resources, Absences Management and Benefits.

4. Connection

minor Fixed a bug where status was shown as ERROR instead of INVALID in case of wrong credential.

minor Added information Company Single Sign-On and the region in the details page.

medium Added custom rules for Oracle domain names not following the standard naming convention from Oracle that would tag the servers in US instead of UK region.

medium Moved the connection group name in the connection description, enabling user to search a connection with an URL in the job creation screens.

Connection description with URL of the Oracle instance.

5. RAPIDStart

minor Connection APP dropdown has been moved after connection BIP dropdown.

minor List of RAPIDStart to copy data or files from is now sorted by name in the create page.

6. Change Management

minor Connection APP dropdown has been moved after connection BIP dropdown.

7. Report / Copy / Rollout

minor You can now select the number of records extracted per files from the Customizations list (default is 100,000). Please note that this is not available for comparison reports.

Number of records per file.

8. Security

minor Add trusted sources feature to restrict access to a company from trusted IP addresses.

Release notes for version 2.6.1

1. Change Management

medium Fixed a bug where the dependencies were stuck in an infinite waiting loop in some cases.

medium Fixed a bug for Banks and Manage Users.

minor The percentage of completion is now shown with the RUNNING status and updated every 5 minutes.

Percentage completion.

2. Security

minor Fixed somes security warnings from the latest Security Assessment report.

Release notes for version 2.6.0

1. Dashboard

minor Fixed a bug where cancelling a job does not reset the status of the cancel button once confirmed.

Fixed a bug on the cancel button.

2. Data validations

minor Fixed validations rules for Manage Intercompany Balancing Rules (Legal Entity Rules).

medium The name of the report now includes the app name and ID of the job. For example, if you create a new Change Management with ID 1 and issues have been found, the report will be named "Change Management ID 1 - Data validations".

New report name for Data validations.

If your Data validations report has been created before the deployment of this update, you may not be able to download the report. In that case, please contact our support.

3. Change Management

high New improved framework to interact with FBDI has been launched. Submit your files as usual and the jobs will convert and load FBDI related data prior to the RPA scripts during the status INITIATING. If any issue is found by Oracle, a new report will be generated and error files with the rows not loaded will also be provided with error messages from Oracle.

New report for FBDI SQL Loader.

The new report has a summary and includes the process IDs from Oracle. Use this reference to look for more information directly from your instance.

Summary of the new report.

Any data not loaded by Oracle will be added in new files under the "errors" folder from the new report, along with information to help you fix the issues.

New error files.

The jobs will also try to remap the columns in the correct order, this is why the errors files may be different from the files that you uploaded. Any missing column will be added with an empty value, and any obsolete column will be discarded.

Please note that this new framework is only compatible with BR100 for Suppliers. Other data types will be supported in the future.

4. Connection

minor Added a card with the error message for BIP type in the Details page.

Error card for Connection.

5. RAPIDTest

minor Added actions clickRowWith and attachFakeFile. Details on how to use them are available in the Excel template within the sheet "help".